Saze Irani

Mohammadreza Isfahaninejad, LuthierHistory

My professional career at a glance;

2000-Present– I have been making and repairing stringed musical instruments (Tar,Setar, Kamanche, Santoor, Oud, Barbat, Tanboor, Guitar and Violin) in my personal Studio in North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1998-2000- In addition to working professionally as a Luthier, I  taught courses on making Tar at the College of Center of Cultural Heritage of Iran.

1987- I established a workshop/studio to make and repair Tar and Setar in Tehran, Iran and began producing these instruments based on customers’ orders.

1986- I became interested in making the Tar. There weren’t any training or courses available therefore I began making the Tar based on my own understanding of the instrument and by measuring and studying a variety of Tars.

1984-I started playing Tar at Farabi Institute in Tehran. My instructor was master Arshad Tahmasebi. This is how my passion for Persian music began to grow into the desire to make the instruments that create the music.